We are specialists in recruiting for the industry, from India, and its neighboring states for offshore jobs in various countries. We at CB Manpower are focused on delivering on our promise, to provide recruitment services for almost all the industries. Since our inception, we have continually improved our database of employable candidate and we believe that the bigger the data the better for our client. We have all the information about the individual with an eye on easy accessibility and flexibility in possessing the information within the minutes.

Our experienced team of professionals has impeccable management approach that assists us in building good relations with our clients by creating strong communication and coordination. Through our recruitment service, we refer professionals such as CEOs, IT personnel, management professionals and skilled & unskilled labor to divergent industries.


We are a beacon of light for companies looking towards our shore for employment possibilities. It is for creating job opportunities for young generation and keeping up with the needs of our young citizens.

We at CB Manpower, have been striving continuously in keeping pace with modern technology which we embrace with open hearts. We understand that, with this help we can create a more dynamic workforce for our clients to help them gain the steady footing they require in these times. We employ technology in every facet of our human resources such as: processing, mobilizing and sourcing etc. all of our end users have kept the relations with us intact because of lucrative opportunities they are getting from our existing and evolving systems.


We are striving on an ethical, scientific and people friendly working environment with maintaining a balance between modern technology and human resource. This doubles the performance, quality while maintaining standards, as CB Manpower has always tried to keep the social responsibility and ethics intact by dint of developing dynamic and energetic team to ensure phenomenal achievement in the days to come.